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digital signage certified expertElectronic signs can help you reach new customers by advertising to drive-by or pedestrian traffic, and they build location branding.

Electronic messaging signs help all types of businesses and facilities, like banks, churches, gas stations, airports, auto dealerships, theaters, military bases, government facilities and more. Most entities seeking to communicate a message can benefit from indoor or outdoor electronic programmable, scrolling signs.

Electronic signs are available in red, amber, or full color video for eye-catching, high-impact advertising. From single line scrolling tickers to multiple line electronic custom message center signs, we have them all. Our electronic display signs can't be beat!

Popular ways to capture the attention of passers-by include electronic outdoor signs that display the time and temperature, or indoor world time zone clocks that mount on the wall.

We specialize in Military and Government facilities. See a partial list of some of our customers on the GSA page.


We offer a full Selection of Electronic Outdoor Signs, available in full color, monochrome 256 shades, text, graphics, and video. Our electronic messaging signs will surpass your digital advertising needs. Contact us first for information about outdoor electronic signs. We'll happily provide you with a NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION quote. Learn More »


We have a complete selection of Indoor Electronic Signs. These indoor electronic display signs can be configured as single signs, or connected to a computer network with digital software. Contact us first for information about indoor electronic signs, and a NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION quote. Learn More »


LED Ticker LED Signs, LCD Signs, Electronic Signs Time Zone Clocks
LED Ticker offers the most complete line of lcd signs. Electronic signs go by many names, but for the most part all use flat format displays such as Plasmas and LCD’s to convey messages. Electronic display signs can be singular, or multiple signs connected to a computer network with digital software for the entire wall. Learn More »
Time Zone Clocks from LED Ticker Led Signs
World Time Zone Clocks are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications where accurate, synchronized time is required. Now all your clocks can display the same precise, legal time, whether in the office, factory, warehouse, school or retail business. Learn More »
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