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offer a complete selection of Indoor Electronic Signs including: LED, LCD Signs, and Plasma Displays. These indoor electronic display signs can be configured as single signs, or as multiple networked signs for the entire wall. Contact us for information about indoor electronic signs, and get a No-cost, no-obligation quote.

Window Electronic Display Signs
Single Line LED Electronic Signs
Series 200 LED Signs
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA213 Prism
ENTECH’s PRISM® LED digital sign produces brilliant, full color messages that cannot be ignored. Within minutes you will be creating dynamic messages using the PRISM’S WYSIWYG software and your PC, or by using the infrared remote keyboard (software, USB/RS232 9-pin serial port cables and infrared keyboard included).
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA213C
The new and improved 213C electronic message display gets your message across faster and better than ever before. Designed for top visibility at a 150 ft. distance, our displays are brighter and sharper than the competition.
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA215
The EA215 Series indoor displays are LED message centers designed for light industrial, commercial and office use. They quickly display large amounts of information in 8 colors and 3 rainbow effects (red only versions are also available).
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA220
Longer, brighter, better! EA220C is specifically designed to get your message across as quickly as possible. The new, longer length provides more space to display your message in one line. Brighter, tri-color LED's come standard on this model, to give your message maximum impact.
Perfect for employee communication, to inform, inspire or educate. Whether your business is call centers, movie theatres or education, you can keep your employees "in the know" with this versatile electronic message display.  
These message centers are among the brightest and sharpest indoor displays available. Messages are entered through a wireless, remote control keyboard, as easy to understand and use as an ordinary calculator. Exclusive 3-step message entry with Automode™ programming eliminates the need to learn complicated programming procedures. Within seconds, the user can create exciting visual messages that cannot be ignored.

In applications requiring multiple units to communicate important information, displays can be networked and connected to a PC, to form a powerful integrated visual information system throughout your plant or business facility.
Series 300 LED Electronic Signs
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA320
The 300 Series is one of our most versatile single-line indoor electronic message displays utilizing 3 inch characters.

The 300 Series, provides constant employee communication. Post realtime information, boost morale, or advertise company-wide events, birthdays and anniversaries. All from your desktop PC or easy to use handheld keyboard.

These versatile displays keep you connected with employees throughout the day and company wide. Easy to program and visually superior.
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA330
STANDARD: Simple point to point RS232 communications, Multi-drop RS485 connections
OPTIONAL: Communications via standard on-site paging systems, RF Modem solutions, Ethernet LAN connections
Series Big Dot LED Electronic Signs
Indoor Electronic Signs
The EA414C opens your window of opportunity to reach more customers. This ideal window display, offers message clarity from a 150 ft. distance. Our unique, built-in louver system,eliminates glare to accentuate your message. Designed for outstanding visual impact, the EA414C combines ultra bright LEDs and 4 inch tall characters for dazzling, moving color - you know they'll notice.
STANDARD: Simple point to point RS232 communications, Multi-drop RS485 connections
OPTIONAL: Communications via standard paging systems, RF Modem solutions, Ethernet LAN connections
Dual Line LED Electronic Signs
Personal Priority Display (PPD)
Indoor Electronic Signs
When you focus on the process, you're focused on productivity & prevention. Our highly visible 4000 series LED Sign displays ensure continued productivity & preventive safety throughout your production facility. From your desktop PC, you can relay real time employee communication and manage quality control during the process.No matter the size of your operation, connect with employees and manage their focus with the 4000 series, our most versatile, two-line indoor display. Boost morale by posting consecutive safety days, announce birthdays or plant-wide special events. The displays can be addressed individually or collectively and offer a wide variety
of flexible connectivity options:

Simple point to point RS232 communications
Multi-drop RS485 connections

Communications via standard on-site paging systems
RF Modem solutions
Ethernet LAN connections

Series 4000 LED Signs
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA4080
LED Ticker Indoor Digital LED and Electronic Signs
Model EA4120
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA4160
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA4200
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA4240
Multi-Line LED Electronic Signs
Series 7000 LED Signs
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA7080

The 7000 Series Whether your business is call centers or manufacturing, when you focus on the process, you're focused on productivity & prevention. To ensure continued productivity & preventive safety, to relay real time communication, manage quality control or boost employee morale - count on the 7000 Series. For maximum visual impact and flexibility, the multi-line 7000 series, comes in a variety of lengths (from 28" 65"), offers character heights up to 7.2" and can be programmed to display your choice of font, color, and presentation style.

The displays can be addressed individually or collectively and offer a variety of flexible connectivity options:

STANDARD: Simple point to point RS232 communications Multi-drop RS485 connections

OPTIONAL: Communications via standard on-site paging systems
RF Modem solutions
Ethernet LAN connection

Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA7120
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA7160
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA7200
Series 9000 LED Elctronic Signs
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA9080

We are proud to announce the new 9000 Series. The exclusive 9000 Series adds a total of five new models to the popular family of LED displays. The display features a sophisticated built-in "Ethernet ready" design, as well as an entirely new case enclosure that has built-in speakers, providing sound notification of events and messages.

The new 9000 is available in the following models: EA9080C (80 x 32 pixels), EA9120C (120 x 32 pixels), EA9160C (160 x 32 pixels), EA9200C (200 x 32 pixels) and the EA9240C (240 x 32 pixels).

Featuring our largest message center display array, the 9000 is capable of displaying a wide range of line configurations, including 5 lines of 1.5-inch characters, 4 lines of 2-inch characters, and 1 line of 9-inch characters. Its new electronic design, using state-of-the-art SMT components and processes, yields the most uniform color display of its size. It also allows users to select any of 8 colors consisting of shades of red, green, and amber. All five models come with a two-year parts and labor, factory service warranty.

Additionally, the 9000 Series includes major performance upgrades - accommodating higher baud rates, faster screen refresh rates, and increased RAM capacity. External LED indicators provides easy access to system diagnostics, including serial activity and controller status.

1.5-inch to 9.6-inch character
Optional built-in Ethernet
Fast data updates, Faster baud rates
8-Color operation
Built-in speakers with volume control and external speaker jack.
Calendar time, date and message scheduling
2-Year warranty
100,000 hour LED rating
U.S. Manufactured

Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA9120
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA9160
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA9200
Indoor Electronic Signs
Model EA9240


Available in a Euro-style aluminum encased model, the Director is designed for high-visibility indoor use. Locations include lobbies, offices, conference rooms, showrooms, boardrooms, or any area that requires an eye catching message center.

You control the messaging via a hand-held remote or a PC. Update and revise your messages at any time. Easy-to-install and use, the Director is a complete turnkey solution. Direct or inform clients, guests or employees.

With characters displayed in three vivid colors, the Director is perfect for these applications:
• Bank, hotel, movie theater, or restaurant lobbies
• Retail point-of-purchase advertising
• Event and conference room scheduling
• Personnel in-and-out, employee communications
• School activities board, or front office greetings
• Hospitality and medical paging
• Directions and safety awareness
• Available with 8 lines 16 or 24 characters
• Wall or floor mount options

Indoor Electronic Signs
Multiple Line Indoor Electronic Displays
Indoor Electronic Signs
The FS (Front Serviceable) Series electronic LED display gives you a fast, efficient way to display important messages. The innovative FS Series is an easy-to-use and easy-to-service communication tool. Once the signs are mounted they can be accessed from the front for service, eliminating time consuming removing and remounting.

The FS Series displays save time by allowing you to immediately and easily change information posted - including industrial production statistics and alarms, movie theatre showings and ads, as well as transportation schedules.

Available in over 30 models. Currently used in factory data management, employee notifications, theatres.

Front Serviceable, Character Matrix, Tricolor. 1.4" or 2.1-inch characters
Indoor Electronic Signs
The PC is controlled by the power of a 300Mhz Pentium processor, and utilizes the Windows® CE operating system. The product family is available in Full or Line Matrix, and ships standard in a NEMA 12 enclosure, available in single- or double-sided configurations.

The Full Matrix model sizes range from 3-lines and (17) 4-inch characters, to the largest model at 11-lines with (42) 4-inch characters. The Line Matrix model ranges in size from 3 lines of (20) 4-inch characters, to 8-lines of (40) 4-inch characters.
Ready for use from the factory, The PC does not require custom proprietary protocols. Based on internet technology, the TCP/IP physical connection with Ethernet, integrates easily into any existing LAN infrastructure, and the client/server based ActiveX component easily integrates into existing HMI's.

For those programmers needing complete control of the sign's operating system, a Software Developer's Kit is included. The product provides complete details on how to use the included software libraries to talk to the sign hardware. Integrators are capable of writing custom applications, integrating to legacy protocols and much more.
Window Electronic Displays
An Affordable Indoor Display with Outdoor Ultra-Bright LEDs!
Break through clutter and captivate passersby with stunning motion and graphics! Effective advertising means more business, which is exactly what you will achieve with an Window Display.

Available in either one-two or one-four line models, Window Displays feature Ultra-Bright LEDs available in red or amber, and graphical capabilities to maximize visibility and impact. Programming messages from your personal computer is made simple by user-friendly Messaging Software.

Why miss out on opportunity that knocks daily? Advertise to existing customers and attract new ones with a communication solution that will benefit you for years to come. When you get your message out, it brings business in.
Indoor Electronic Signs
Dimensions: 9" tall x 41" width x 4" depth Pixel Matrix: 16 x 96
Weight: 26 lbs Power: Standard 120V

Both Models Include Mounting Rings, Wireless Remote Keypad, PC Software, and 25' Serial Cable with USB Adapter.


  • 100,000 Hour LEDs
  • Day, Date and Time
  • Battery Backup
  • Multiple Text Sizes with Graphic & Animation Capability
  • 25 Display Effects
  • Programmable On/Off Times
Indoor Electronic Signs
Dimensions: 15" tall x 41" width x 4" depth Pixel Matrix: 32 x 96
Weight: 44 lbs Power: Standard 120V
Window Electronic Display  
Indoor Electronic Signs
Window Display EA415
LIGHT, COLOR and MOTION are combined in the new ALPHA Window Display to attract the most attention, and drive more customers into your store.
This ideal indoor window display has message impact from a distance of 15 to 200-feet, day or night. We use our own super-bright LED's and a 4-inch character to create a sizzling, moving messages you know your customers won't miss.

The Window LED Display includes an infrared keyboard that allows you to instantly enter promotional messages. Our exclusive AutoMode™ function lets you enter messages within seconds-without having to read any manuals! You may also store your messages in memory, and schedule them to appear at specific times of the day or week!

Visible in sunlight, Super-bright Red is standard. Replace your unsightly faded letterboard signs with a cost-effective, one-time investment

Display Array: 80 columns x 7 rows.
Case Dimensions: 49.0L" x 4.25D" x 6.25H"


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