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Digital signage is for everyone…

LCD Signs are the perfect medium to advertise, inform or entertain… or to do all three at once. LCD signs offer an unrivaled attention-grabbing ability, have built-in flexibility for refreshing advertising content, and a much better return on investment compared to traditional printed signs.

LCD Signs

We offer the most complete line of digital LCD signs. Electronic signs have many names, but most all of them indicate the use of flat format displays such as Plasmas and LCD’s to convey messages to the public. These electronic displays can be configured as single signs, or networked as multiple signs for the entire wall.

Digital LCD signs packages are available from “plug and play” to internet server based systems.  We have a solution that will show an immediate return on investment without the hassle of expensive equipment or technicians. Call LED Ticker today at 1-800-383-8163 to take your first step into the digital age.

Our Electronic LCD signs have 3 factors that make them WORK!

  1. Simple “Plug and Play” features.
  2. Economical, no complicated software, hardware or licenses.
  3. Compact size, no bulky equipment or dedicated computers.

Several years ago, plasma displays had surpassed the 46 inch size, while LCD's were still in the 40 inch size range. Today, several new LCD manufacturers can cut larger pieces out of the mother glass during manufacturing; thus the 120 inch barrier is going to fall soon.

Large-format LCD displays have rapidly been gaining high-resolution capabilities, especially TFT LCDs, which use thin-film transistor technology to improve their image quality. TFT is a type of LCD flat-panel display screen in which each pixel is controlled by one to four transistors. The TFT-LCD technology produces the best resolution of all the flat-panel techniques, but it is also the most expensive.

People need information and electronic signs are the most effective way to provide them with that information. Utilizing digital signage in public or secure areas allows you to communicate your corporate messages.

Applications include:

Government offices serve a wide array of public functions, from the local DMV and county offices to military recruiting centers. Digital signage can help reduce perceived wait times and provide helpful information to your visitors, such as reminders and seasonal information. Digital signage can also educate visitors through interactive touch screens. This is also ideal for recruiting offices, where touch screens can provide customized information for each user. Best of all, you’ll be able to replace your waiting room brochures with a dynamic format that is engaging and interactive—creating a positive experience for everyone.

LCD Signs
LCD Displays Available in Various Sizes

LCD Signs
LCD Displays Can Multi-Task

  • Provide information with ENTECH’s Content Management Package to create a more relaxed and inviting environment while decreasing perceived wait times
  • An interactive touch screen will engage your customers by showing them features and services offered at your facility
  • Show seasonal information and helpful reminders that keep your communications up-to-date, helpful and relevant to the audience in a format that eliminates the need for printed brochures
  • Touch screens can also be used in a recruiting office setting— educating visitors about you while they wait

Convention Centers are great venues for digital signage because of the ever-changing calendar of events and first-time visitors. Convention center utilizing digital signage will have a compelling and personalized welcome for all of your visiting groups. Get them where they need to be with a way-finding system that provides mapping that is creative and interactive. Digital signage allows you to incorporate calendars outside of meeting rooms, which can be updated from a database and get everyone to their event on time. Or simply advertise your services and upcoming events without the time, labor, and costs associated with printed marketing materials.

  • Directional mapping is a must for any large facility— with digital signage programmed for convention centers, you can provide visitors a touch screen to give them personalized assistance
  • Add in events and schedule their broadcast times
  • Welcome groups to your facilities by entering names through a customized page

With Dynamic Digital Signage your content will always stay fresh, deployment costs are virtually eliminated and message updates are instantaneous. By replacing static signage with digital signage, your message is enhanced and a more compelling environment is created.

Any work environment where it is necessary to communicate up-to-the minute information to staff, including shop floors, warehouses, call centers and offices. It replaces ineffective bulletin boards, whiteboards and memos with high-impact messaging that can't be ignored.

  • Provide up-to-the-minute status of changing projects or conditions
  • Promote corporate goals or initiatives
  • Increase morale by recognizing top performers
  • Inform staff of upcoming company events
  • Provide up-to-date relevant news or weather information
  • Integrate real-time data into displays


LCD Signs

Lobbies, waiting rooms, elevators or any place people gather, can benefit from the addition of dynamic digital signage.

  • Go beyond TV: Combine live broadcast or recorded video on the same screen as customized messages
  • Welcome VIPs or promote special events
  • Government and educational institutions can provide vital information to the public in airports, bus terminals, hallways and lobbies

Schools need digital signage to keep students, faculty, staff and visitors informed of campus developments and events.

  • Welcome visitors with a system that looks impressive and modern, yet is helpful and informative.
  • Post campus events or news on displays in high-traffic areas
  • Recognize faculty or student accomplishments
LCD Signs
Here are some examples of our LCD solutions at work:
LCD Signs LCD Signs


LCD Signs LCD Signs
LCD Signs LCD Signs
ENTECH’s LCD signs are easy and flexible to control.

Let the Digital Signage Experts at LED Ticker assist you in the selection of the perfect digital signage and content management package. Give us a call for your free consultation and see how Digital Signage Can Work For You!

Step 1 ……………..Call Us!

Step 2……………..we’ll help you select the best display for your application.

Select from 26”-84” LCD or Plasma displays and multiple sizes of video wall units. Other sizes and models available including touch screens, landscape and portrait model displays. Some models available with protective screens overlays for high traffic areas.

Step 3……………we’ll help you select the right Content Management Package

Control Options Include:
Four Basic Content Management Options:

1. Standalone LCD signs offer convenient plug-and-play operation. Simply insert a Compact Flash card containing media files and they will play back in alphabetical order

2. Standalone-Interactive LCD signs connecting to interactive devices such as touch screens, keypads, motion sensors and A/V control systems. Also has USB interface for uploading files to the unit with a USB thumb drive.

3.Networked LCD signs have a standard 10/100 network interface and can be connected to DHCP networks or configured manually. Connects automatically to our optional Central Management Server or can be controlled from a network via HTTP or command-line (SSL) interfaces

4. Networked Interactive LCD signs connectivity to touch screens, motion sensors and A/V control systems

One Advanced Content Management Package

The powerful but easy to use ENTECH HD Advanced Content Management Package LCD signs deliver dynamic real-time multi-zone stunning high resolution visual messaging. No software to install, no central management servers to host, no graphics software to purchase, no teams of consultants to hire. Just plug it in and deploy.

  • Stunning high resolution visual messaging to large format displays (1920 X 1200 max resolution)
  • Multi-zone layouts with 4:3, 16:9 and portrait display
  • Combine text, graphics, movies, animations, RSS feeds and live TV/video
  • Powerful built-in browser-based content authoring and management system
  • Integrate with back-end systems and render custom HTML scripts to customize your own solutions

You have nearly unlimited control over the content and look-and-feel of your own digital sign. Divide your screen into separate areas of content. Customize with colors or background images. Add text, graphics, video, even live TV, then preview your scene before deployment. A sophisticated visual "WYSIWYG" editor lets you see your content exactly as it will appear on the sign.

ENTECH Outdoor LCD Series Icon
LCD Signs
The world's largest LCD. The only outdoor LCD with robust weather control features. Windows of opportunity seized. Combined to create the best strategic Indoor/ Outdoor marketing and advertising communication available. The display delivers great practical and aesthetic ways with added value. Attracting more attention, providing far greater flexibility and assisting overall management. Inspiring interest well attained. First in a new generation of revolutionary big screen application and placement.

Along with the world's largest LCD indoor panel display available, the display comes with many customizable configurations and sizes.
EA 46” EA 57” EA 70” EA 82”
1. The active are of EA 46” ranges to 573 X 1018 with 1366 X 768 pixel resolutions. 1. The active are of EA 57” ranges to 705 X 1253 with1920 X 1080 pixel resolutions.
1. The active are of EA 70” ranges with 1920 X 1080 pixel resolutions.
1. ENTECH’s EA 82” is the worlds largest LCD information and advertisement display.
2. The viewing angle of the panel is 178 degree. It supports LAN, WLAN and GPRS 2. The viewing angle of the panel is 178 degree. It supports LAN, WLAN and GPRS. 2. Response time is 8ms pixel.
2. Response time 8ms Pixel size 3mm.
3. Brightness: Typical 390 maximum to 1188 Maximum (Outdoor). Typical 365 maximum to 410 Maximum (Indoor). 3. Brightness: Typical 530 maximum to 1188 Maximum (Outdoor) Typical 365 maximum to 410 Maximum (Indoor) 3. Brightness: Typical 900 to 1200 maximum. 3. Brightness: Typical 1050 Maximum to 2145 Maximum (Outdoor)
Typical 940 maximum to 1230 Maximum
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